hypertiling.geodesics.circle_through_three_points(z1, z2, z3, verbose=False, eps=1e-10)

Construct Euclidean circle through three points (z1, z2, z3)

Input: three points represented as complex numbers Output: center of the circle and radius

In case the points are collinear within a precision of “eps” a radius of -1 is returned

formulas from here:

hypertiling.geodesics.geodesic_angles(z1, z2)

Helper function for “geodesic_arc”

hypertiling.geodesics.geodesic_arc(z1, z2, **kwargs)

Return hyperbolic line segment connecting z1 and z2 as matplotlib drawing object

hypertiling.geodesics.geodesic_midpoint(z1, z2)

Compute geodesic midpoint between z1 and z2

hypertiling.geodesics.minor(M, i, j)

return the “minor” of a matrix w.r.t index (i,j)


perform inversion of input z with respect to the unit circle