Class ALF_source#

class py_alf.ALF_source(alf_dir=None, branch=None, url='')#

Objet representing ALF source code.

alf_dirpath-like object, default=os.getenv(‘ALF_DIR’, ‘./ALF’)

Directory containing the ALF source code. If the directory does not exist, the source code will be fetched from a server. Defaults to environment variable $ALF_DIR if defined, otherwise to ‘./ALF’.

branchstr, optional

If specified, this will be checked out by git.

urlstr, default=’

Address from where to clone ALF if alf_dir does not exist.

get_default_params(ham_name, include_generic=True)#

Return full set of default parameters for hamiltonian.


Return list of Hamiltonians.

get_params_names(ham_name, include_generic=True)#

Return list of parameter names for hamiltonian, transformed in all uppercase.