ALF 2.1 released

The latest stable version of the package is now ALF 2.1. The main change from 2.0 is under the hood: Hamiltonians are now written as submodules of Hamiltonian_main_mod, using the class ham_base, which contains all the stuff common to Hamiltonians - a more economical, object oriented approach that’s a time saver and better structures the code. Notice that, due to this change, this release is not backwards compatible: check its CHANGELOG and documentation for details and the modifications necessary to adapt existing Hamiltonians to ALF 2. [Read More]

ALF Discord server launched

This is a new space where developers, users and anyone else interested in ALF can interact via chat, call and video call. Feel free to ask questions about the code, discuss physics or simply chat.

You can join or recommend it to anyone using the link:

ALF 2020 a success

User Workshop

We just concluded our first ALF User Workshop. After this intense and rewarding week, some additional 50+ researchers can now do QMC simulations using ALF and pyALF in their own machines with many having already started producing their own results. Being forced into virtual rooms by the pandemic, we faced challenges such as wide time zone differences, but could count with more than twice as many participants as initially planned and, as a by-product of the online conference, we produced a number of video lectures, which will soon be publicly online. [Read More]