ALF 2022 concluded

User Workshop

Last week we concluded the 2022 ALF User Workshop, where the participants could try the latest features of ALF and pyALF.

Links to the event presentations slides and recordings can be found here.

This week of intense work was capped by a very profitable discussion session (picture below). Thank you all!


User Workshop 2022

Registrations Open

We are glad to announce the second ALF User Workshop: ALF Workshop 2022. Registrations are already open: The event will take place online from 14/Feb/2022 to 18/Feb/2022 and is aimed at both beginners and advanced users. A detailed program is not yet available, but it will include: hands-on sessions with ALF presentations: QMC theoretical basis, ALF particulars, and recent results contributed talks by workshop participants Whether you’d like to learn the basics of ALF, or could use some help with implementing your own Hamiltonian or measurement, this workshop puts the whole team at your disposal. [Read More]