MARQOV is a generic and highly scalable software workflow for Monte Carlo simulations of classical equilibrium spin systems, written in C++ and Python . It provides efficient automatization in parallel environments and is therefore particularly suited for systems featuring quenched disorde#4080bf geometries. It is designed to meet the following criteria:


  • Lightweight, yet powerful code design
  • Library of standard MCMC algorithms
  • Optimized for prominent problems
  • Convenient I/O and restart capabilities


  • Large variety of different systems
  • Native support of general geometries
  • Interface for user-defined observables
  • Reproducible scientific results


  • Replicas scheduling system
  • Parallel tempering
  • Data management (HDF5)
  • Analysis templates for Jupyter Lab


  • Focus on scalability (OpenMPI)
  • Convenient sample parallelization
  • From desktop workstations ...
  • ... up to supercomputers