ALF 2.4 released

The latest stable version of the package is now ALF 2.4.

The main improvements with respect to 2.3 are:

  • The availability of the numerical libraries Lapack and BLAS is now automatically tested by the installation configuration script (issue 219).
  • Symmetries between flavors can now be leveraged to a speed-up of a factor \(N_\text{fl}\)*.

* In the ALF code, the flavor index refers to degrees of freedom that are block diagonal. For example, for the Hubbard model with the Hubbard-Stratonovich transformation that couples to the \(z\)-component of the magnetization, the flavor index corresponds to the spin index. In many cases, there is a symmetry between different flavors, and one can now implement this with ALF 2.4. The speedup of a factor \(N_\text{fl}\) makes it definitely worth it making use of whenever possible.

Check the CHANGELOG and documentation for further details.

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