ALF 2.3 released

The latest stable version of the package is now ALF 2.3.

The main improvements with respect to 2.2 are:

  • Automatically write all parameters to the HDF5 file by parsing the Hamiltonian files and also check that the parameters are identical when resuming a previous run (issue 196).
  • The necessary numerical libraries are now tested by the installation script (issue 219).
  • Improved code modularity (issue 223).
  • Additional error message: warning for checkerboard decomposition on odd-sized lattices (bug 207).
  • Solved other bugs: 209, 217 and 221.

Notice that, due to this changes, this release is not strictly backwards compatible and the following must be watched:

  • Parameters need to be formulated in format for parsing as described in Sec. 5.6 of documentation.
  • With HDF5: Add typebound procedure write_parameters_hdf5 to Hamiltonian.

Check the CHANGELOG and documentation for further details.

GDPR Statement