The Algorithms for Lattice Fermions package provides a general code for the finite-temperature auxiliary-field quantum Monte Carlo models.


General Hamiltonian

ALF simulates any model that can be written in terms of sums of:
  • single-body operators,
  • squares of single-body operators, and
  • single-body operators coupled to an Ising field with given dynamics.


Choosing from predefined types or defining their own, the user can specify:
  • the model,
  • the Bravais lattice, and
  • observables (equal-time and time-displaced).

High Performance

ALF makes full use of the computational resources available, boasting:
  • parallelization via MPI and OpenMP,
  • near-optimal single-core performance, and
  • restart facilities.


Users can count with:

Advanced Features

Among other facilities, ALF provides:
  • parallel tempering,
  • ground state projective QMC, and
  • global Monte Carlo updates.

ALF’s code is available from our Git instance at where one can also sign in to file issues.